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He's something kind of magical.

I wanted to write an entry about my husband Rob, I wanted to express that now a days marriages can work and you can find your true companion in this world.

When I met my husband I was in the worst part of my life, and he saved me. He was the first person in the world I met (other then my poppy) who had pure kindness in his heart and in his eyes. He fell in love with me for who I was and fell for this girl who had nothing going for her at the time, he wanted me at my lowest point in my life, that right there is true love. Robert truly is a one of a kind man. I was broken beyond all belief and somehow he was able to put me back together and now 5 years later I am rock solid and it is because of him. My husband is my best friend and my truest love in this world, I still get butterflies with every look, touch, and kiss and my heart still falls more in love with him every day. I have never felt true happiness until I met him, he goes leaps and bounds to make me happy, he works so hard in his profession to be successful so we can have a wonderful stress free life, because of him I am able to stay home and raise our daughter. He has given me so much confidence, confidence in myself I never thought I had, he supports me with every decision I make, every crazy thing I come up with and never keeps me from doing anything Id like to do. he treats me like an equal, we are a team, we are unbreakable. I go through life with worries and some anxieties and he has always been there to clear my mind of it all, we have fun together, Rob can make me laugh like no other, he loves that I am wacky and weird he gets my jokes, and he can read me without me saying a word. he gets me like no one else ever could. This man makes my heart skips beats, he makes me smile ear to ear and laugh the hardest, my life is so full of joy because of him, he opened me to new things, he has made me the best version of myself. I don't have my own heart anymore my heart is part my own and part his, I feel like we share one heart and soul. I was so proud to marry him in front of everyone, it made me feel so good to know that this rare gem was mine, we have been together for 5 1/2 years almost and I feel like I have known him forever no one before him compares or even matters because in my eyes it has always been him. Rob truly is the best man in this world. My life is complete because of him, he saved me and gave me life again.  Iam forever blessed. My life with him is truly magical.

Now let me tell  you about him,

Rob is intelligent, handsome, compassionate, funny, witty, loving, masculine, fun, such a wonderful dad, genuine, honest and motivated. He is so smart and it amazes me with all he does at work(hes a software engineer) I get so excited at all the projects he comes up with and how his brain works it truly is sexy :)  He's great at everything he does  and knows all the tiniest things about me, my interests, my likes/dislikes and every other thing that makes me who I am. His touch is more then enough to make me feel loved and he makes me feel beautiful. Life is better because of him and life is so much fun with him, this adventure with him is never ending and I love it.

Fairy tales do come true, marriage does work, and in this horrid world there is beauty and joy and I found that in him.
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clace kiss

Vampire Diaries review for Gone girl.

So I finally watched this weeks Vampire Diaries

So this was a better episode, I did love Katherine but I will say I am happy to see her story line end, I felt that she was best in season 2 and 3 and then after that they just dragged her out with the same old crap over and over again of hating Elena and trying to get Stefan to love her.  Damon was def brutal in this episode but it was good lol. I am so glad that Caroline told Tyler to shove it! I really wish that Bonnie was still a witch I truly miss her as one. I am not happy with Elena now having the ripper serum in her, I hope they don't drag that out too long for both Damon and Elena, and what happened to Katherine? did she get dragged off to Hell? lol
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